Combe After-School Club

Combe After-School club opened its doors in September 2014 and is now nine years old.

 We hope you find all the essentials that you need on our website. If you need any further information, please contact us via email or telephone 01993 898813.

  Essential information

·         Combe After-School Club is based at The Methodist Hall, adjacent to the existing Pre-School building at Park   Road, Combe, OX29 8NA. The club is run in partnership with Combe Pre-school.

.         The club is available to all 4 – 11 year old children attending Combe Primary School or nearby schools.

·         Sessions will run term-time from 3 - 6 pm, Monday to Friday, term time only.

·         Fees start from £15.20 per session.

.          Pre-school children can attend but there are limited spaces for 2 year olds.


Our Ethos

Our After-School Club provides a fun, relaxing, safe and secure community, where all the children are encouraged to choose activities that reflect their interests. It is our expectation that all the children will socialise with their peers and show respect.

Each child is respected as a unique individual and we support each child’s transition from school and Pre-school to our After-school Club, to ensure a smooth changeover.

We work in partnership with parents and actively encourage them to become involved in all aspects in the life of our After-school Club.

Our Mission Statement

  • We provide affordable quality childcare for children who attend Combe Primary School and our Pre-school, in lovely surroundings.
  • We offer children opportunities to relax and play in a safe and secure environment.
  • We provide a warm, safe, friendly and stimulating environment.
  • We allow the children to make choices by selecting their own activities and encourage them to help plan for future activities, such as cooking and art and craft.
  • Our keyperson system ensures that each child feels secure and that their families are given feedback after each session about their behaviour and activities that the children have been engaged in.
  • We form strong respectful relationships with parents and carers, and encourage them to become involved in the running of our club and make decisions.
  • We welcome families from all different ethnical, cultural and religious backgrounds and who have additional needs or disabilities, and take special measures to ensure our club is accessible to everyone.
  • We welcome families from all social and economic backgrounds.
  • We are committed to developing the quality of our service and practice by making continuous improvements through planning, training, working with other professionals and obtaining feedback from the children, parents and carers.
  • As a registered charity, we encourage parents and their families to actively become involved and support us by helping our fundraising efforts.

 Children will be able to:

·         Relax and rest after a busy school day

·         Enjoy sports, outdoor activities and supervised play at the play-park

·         Read books 

·         Join in crafting activities and play Lego

·         Enjoy a social atmosphere, chatting and playing with peers



Registration, Fees & Session booking

After School Club  3.00 – 6.00pm

Ad hoc:  £18.20

Regular:  £15.20

Sibling:  £14.45

Sibling:  £12.55

       Cost for a Pre-school child to attend ASC

Name of session

Session time


2 year old £7.26 per hour

3 year old £6.22 per hour


ASC session only

2.50 6.00      





If you are interested in enrolling your child, then please fill in a registration form at the bottom of this page.

       Please return the registration form by email to or to Combe After-school Club, Methodist Chapel, Park Road, Combe, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX29 8NA.


We are committed to building a 'culture of safety' in which the children in our care are protected from abuse and harm. Any suspicions of abuse is promptly and appropriately responded to. We comply with local and national child protection procedures and ensure that all staff are appropriately trained.  For more details see our Safeguarding Children and Child Protection Policy.

Prevent Duty

Our setting complies with The Government's Prevent Duty to help prevent children being drawn into extremism. Our staff are vigilant and are required to inform our designated safeguarding leads, who will contact the relevant agencies if they suspect children are being exposed to extremism. Protecting children from extremism forms part of our settings safeguarding procedures and is an Ofsted requirement.


From 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaced The Data Protection 1998.This change will stay in place after the UK leaves the EU in 2019. The GDPR  gives individuals greater control over their own personal data and changes the way we use your data, ensuring that we keep it safe and secure at all times. In order to ensure our compliance, we will endeavour to keep all personal and sensitive information regarding our parents and children safe and secure. Our Privacy Notice can be downloaded and viewed below. 

Class Dojo Communication App

We use this app to send photographs and messages about the various activities that your children are doing at the club, as well as other messages about fundraising events and other activities that are happening. This is a simple, free, easy to use system of sending photos and messages securely to Parents, either individually or as a group. We hope you find this useful as an addition to our service.  Parents will be invited to download the app to their phone or device. 

British Values

We actively teach British Values in our setting which means providing a curriculum which 'actively promotes the fundamental British Values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs'.

To do this Practitioners will:

  • Listen to children,
  • Share appropriate information with parents,
  • Listen to parents,
  • Reports concerns,
  • Challenge negative behaviour,
  • Focus on what children need,
  • Support children's Personal, Social and Emotional development by helping children to develop a positive sense of themselves, and others, to form positive relationships and develop respect for others: to develop social skills  and learn how to manage their feelings; to understand appropriate behaviour in groups; and to have confidence in their own abilities.

Useful Documents

 Information for  New Parents

Please read the following documents and fill in and return the required forms if you wish to book your child into Combe After School Club.

Permission to Administer Medication Form

If  your child is required to take medicine during After-school Club hours, then you will need to download, fill in  and return the form below before staff can administer any medication.

You may  return the form via your child's school book bag, but please email us to let us know it is there. Alternatively, you may scan/fill in the form and return to us via email before your child attends.

 After School Club  Feedback Form

Please fill in our feedback form and return it to us, to help us improve our After School Club service.

Combe ASC Feedback Form (2).docx Combe ASC Feedback Form (2).docx
Size : 46.654 Kb
Type : docx

 Children's After School Club Rules

Please read are rules with your child and encourage them to follow these when attending the club.

Combe After School Club Rules.pdf Combe After School Club Rules.pdf
Size : 89.628 Kb
Type : pdf

             A typical 3pm – 6pm afternoon session

·         3pm collection from Combe Primary School by qualified childcare staff who will walk the children back to After-School Club.

·         A simple, healthy, light snack and drink

·         Choice to participate in a variety of club activities until session closes

·         Collection by parents or guardians



Pay-as-you-go and Extra Session Bookings

If you have registered your child and would like to book an extra or a pay-as-you-go session, then please email the staff at or call us on 01993 898813

Thank You

Meet our Staff

  Andrea Oliver -  Manager

Lisa Humphrey - Deputy

Mrs Gul - Play Assistant

Becky Hall - Play Assistant

Chloe Spence - Play Assistant


 To keep up to date with activities and events at Combe After School Club, then please visit our Facebook page at


Combe Pre-School & After-School Club | Facebook

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Thank You

 Dates for your Diary

Autumn Term 1 2023

Friday 1st  September - Staff Inset Day,

Monday 5th September - Staff Inset Day,

Tuesday 5th September - Term 1 starts,

Friday 20th October - End of term 1,

Friday 21st October - Inset Day,

Monday 23rd to Friday 27th October - Half Term,

Autumn Term 2 2023

Monday 30st October - Staff Inset Day,

Tuesday 31st October - Term 2 starts.

Tuesday 19th December - Term Ends 11.50am,

Thursday 21st December to Friday 5th January - Christmas Holiday,

Spring Term 3 2024

Monday 8th January - Term 3 starts,

Friday 9th February - End of term,

Monday 12th February to Friday 16th February -  Half term holiday.

Spring Term 4 2024

 Monday 19th February - Term 4 starts,

Wednesday 27th March - Term ends 11.50am,

Wednesday 27th March to Friday 12th April - Easter Holiday,

Summer Term 5 2024

Monday 15th April - Start of term 5,

Monday 6th May - Bank Holiday,

Friday 24th May - End of term.

Monday 27th May to Friday 31st May - Half term holiday,

Summer Term 6 2024

Monday 3rd June -  Staff Inset Day,

Tuesday 4th June - Start of term 6,

Friday 5th July -  Staff Inset Day,

Tuesday 23rd July - End of term.

Combe After-school Club Term Dates Calendar 2023 to 2024

 Combe After-school Club Term Dates Calendar 2024 to 2025


Combe After-school Club is a member of the Out of School Alliance

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