From September 2017 our session times will be changing to the following:


Morning Session    

09:00 to 12:00   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Lunch Club            

12:00 to 1:00   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Afternoon Sessions

1:00 to 2:30   Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Extended Sessions

2.30 to 6pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Rising Fives        

Starts in January 2018 1pm to 2.30pm on Wednesday afternoons.



From April 2018  we will be charging an hourly rate of £4.03/hr
Each session will work out at the following rate:

Morning Session:    £12.09 (3 hours)

Lunch Club             £4.03 (1 hour)

Afternoon Session:  £6.04 (1.5 hours)

Extended Session: £15.00 (3.5 hours) normal hourly rate N/A

Rising Five's           £6.04 per session (1.5 hour)

We charge 50p per day as a voluntary snack contribution  


Government funding is available for an early education place for all three and four year olds. See the link below for further details:

We are also registered to accept  the Two Year Old entitlement funding and 30 hours funding from Oxfordshire County Council.

 Workplace Childcare Vouchers

We accept vouchers from parents employers, provided we have the appropriate details of the company so we can register with them, to receive payments.


It is now easy to order new uniform for your children via our Direct to Parent service.

Please follow the link below to place an order:


Letter to parents School uniform.docx Letter to parents School uniform.docx
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