Useful Documents

Ofsted Inspection Report 2014

Combe Pre-school Inspection Report 2014.PDF Combe Pre-school Inspection Report 2014.PDF
Size : 177.019 Kb
Type : PDF


Combe Pre-school Ofsted Report 2017.PDF Combe Pre-school Ofsted Report 2017.PDF
Size : 144.91 Kb
Type : PDF


Committee Meeting Minutes
AGM June 2016.pdf AGM June 2016.pdf
Size : 48.666 Kb
Type : pdf
Report by the Chairs Report by the Chairs
Size : 881.023 Kb
Type : zip
Supervisors Report   AGM  2May Supervisors Report AGM 2May
Size : 793.922 Kb
Type : zip
Committee meeting 18th May 2016.pdf Committee meeting 18th May 2016.pdf
Size : 46.758 Kb
Type : pdf
ASC & committe minutes 14th June 2016.pdf ASC & committe minutes 14th June 2016.pdf
Size : 59.191 Kb
Type : pdf
Combe PSC & ASC Committee minutes 11.7.16.pdf Combe PSC & ASC Committee minutes 11.7.16.pdf
Size : 283.263 Kb
Type : pdf
Minutes 29092016.pdf Minutes 29092016.pdf
Size : 71.424 Kb
Type : pdf
minutes 18_01.17.pdf minutes 18_01.17.pdf
Size : 60.554 Kb
Type : pdf
Committee Meeting Minutes 21.02.18.docx Committee Meeting Minutes 21.02.18.docx
Size : 75.069 Kb
Type : docx

Application and Registration Forms

If you would like your child to attend Combe Pre-School please complete the forms below and return it to us:

Pre School Application Form.doc Pre School Application Form.doc
Size : 75 Kb
Type : doc
Registration Form.doc Registration Form.doc
Size : 44.5 Kb
Type : doc
All About Me.doc All About Me.doc
Size : 66 Kb
Type : doc

 New Parents Welcome Pack

Please read the following documents for more information on our Pre-school.

Combe Pre School Settling in Guidelines.pdf Combe Pre School Settling in Guidelines.pdf
Size : 202.413 Kb
Type : pdf
Combe Pre-school Complaints Procedure.pdf Combe Pre-school Complaints Procedure.pdf
Size : 176.605 Kb
Type : pdf
Combe Pre-school Planning Leaflet.pdf Combe Pre-school Planning Leaflet.pdf
Size : 387.829 Kb
Type : pdf
Combe Pre-school Behaviour Leaflet.pdf Combe Pre-school Behaviour Leaflet.pdf
Size : 274.564 Kb
Type : pdf

 Combe Pre-school's Rule Book

Combe Pre-school Rules Booklet.pdf Combe Pre-school Rules Booklet.pdf
Size : 451.311 Kb
Type : pdf

Combe Pre-school Table Manners Rule Booklet

Table manners rule book.pdf Table manners rule book.pdf
Size : 279.797 Kb
Type : pdf

Parents' Guide  to the Early Years Foundation Stage 2012  and 2014

Parents_Guide_One_Side_FINAL-2.pdf Parents_Guide_One_Side_FINAL-2.pdf
Size : 136.245 Kb
Type : pdf
EYFS_statutory_framework_From Setemper2014.pdf EYFS_statutory_framework_From Setemper2014.pdf
Size : 313.795 Kb
Type : pdf
4Children_ParentsGuide_2015_WEB.pdf 4Children_ParentsGuide_2015_WEB.pdf
Size : 2808.8 Kb
Type : pdf


Plan an Activity to do at Pre-school

If your child would like to plan an activity to carry out at Pre-school, then please download, print and fill in the forms below with your child, and return them to a member of staff.

Children's planning sheet.pdf Children's planning sheet.pdf
Size : 181.905 Kb
Type : pdf
Children's Drawing sheet for plan.pdf Children's Drawing sheet for plan.pdf
Size : 98.417 Kb
Type : pdf
Children's Review sheet.pdf Children's Review sheet.pdf
Size : 177.795 Kb
Type : pdf

 Useful Handbooks containing Information for Parents

Games and Activities to try at home.pdf Games and Activities to try at home.pdf
Size : 510.914 Kb
Type : pdf
Sensory Play booklet.pdf Sensory Play booklet.pdf
Size : 738.656 Kb
Type : pdf
Recipies for Playdough and Paint.pdf Recipies for Playdough and Paint.pdf
Size : 1670.256 Kb
Type : pdf
Combe Song Book.pdf Combe Song Book.pdf
Size : 747.647 Kb
Type : pdf

 Useful Links

PEEP (parents early education partnership) work with families to supports parents, carers and children to play and learn together. 

A national charity focused on improving reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in disadvantaged communities, to enable better skills for life.

An independent charity which supports adults and children who have difficulty with their numeracy skills.  

Amazing art and craft activities for children of various ages.

A communication charity which helps develop speech and language skills in children.

Helps to provide information for parents to support their childs communication skills

Family Links is a national charity that believes every child and parent deserves the best chance in life. They work with families, teachers and practitioners and also run parenting classes.

The Makaton Charity exists to ensure that everyone living with learning or communication difficulties has the tools and resources they need to communicate.

The Singing Hands and introduce you to the amazing world of signs through songs, rhymes, stories and games. You can also purchase a DVD from their site.

West Oxfordshire Early Intervention Hub. Early Intervention hubs offer general clubs, support and activities to children, young people and families. They also offer more support where needed, including support for children, young people and families with complex needs.

Saltbox Music provides interactive, fun, hands on, imaginative educational music programmes for 0-13 year olds. They run music groups in Oxfordshire and provide entertainment for parties.

There vision is to end cruelty to children in the UK. They supply downloadable leaflets on how to improve behaviour and communication with children.

Ofsted inspect and regulate services which care for children and young people, and those providing education and skills for learners of all ages. You can access inspections on settings via their site.

Advice and guidance on how to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

Useful links for websites for you and your child to use.

Interactive stories and activities with information on the Early Years Foundation Stage

Information, resources and activity ideas for you to try with your child

Educational games and activities for a range of different age groups for children

Activities and worksheets for you to download and print off for your child

Activities to support your child's learning, connected to The Oxford Tree reading books

Interactive games in numeracy, literacy, science and social studies: also books to read online

Games, songs and activities based around on children's popular television programmes

Games to play based on the CBBC television programmes

Fun games to play and videos to watch

The Signing Hands 16 song playlist on You tube.

Fireman Sam games, videos activities and printable worksheets.

Bob the Builder games, videos and pictures to print

Postman Pat games, videos and activities

NRICH enriching maths games and activities

Fun games and character information

Fun Rainbow Magic games and activities

Fun educational videos for children to watch and learn

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